Silence, 2011 - 2012
Seven sculptures, Stainless steel, Crystal Rock and Elements, 377 x 663.5 x 397.3cm overall
Artist: Robert Owen and Fine Art Studio in collaboration with Electrolight
Collection Arts Centre Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Photography: John Gollings and Peter Casamento
Arts Centre Melbourne, Collections On Cue Mobile Tour

Silence provides another layer of meaning to Roy Grounds’ and John Truscott’s conceptual exploration of geology as a basis for the architecture and design of Hamer Hall. 

The glimmer and glitter of crystals that comprise the work are an allusion to the magic of performance, the properties of silver and the mysteries of the earth; the sculptures’ delicate movement adding to an amalgamation between the visual and performing arts. Silence is sensitive to the nature, function and conceptual design history of Hamer Hall as a space expressing transience and transformation, in subtle interconnectedness of matter and memory.